New and reprinted books - Fremantle Press

New and reprinted books - Fremantle Press

Nikulinsky Naturally Book and studio N bookmark


Philippa is pleased to share that her monograph, Nikulinsky Naturally edited by Ted Snell (Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery 2019)will be republished by Fremantle Press. 

Copies of Nikulinsky Naturally are currently available from Boffins in Perth. Read their latest blog post about the Western Australia wildflower season here.

New bookmarks are also available from studio Nikulinsky.

Xanthorrhoea Unfolded Cover

Towards the end of the year, Fremantle Press will also publish a brand new art book, Nikulinsky Unfolded: Xanthorrhoea.

'This concertina book unfolds fully to a length of over four metres, making it a unique and surprising gift for lovers of art and nature' -Fremantle Press.


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