Printing error in book Nikulinsky Naturally

Printing error in book Nikulinsky Naturally

A message from Philippa regarding a printing error in Nikulinsky Naturally (ed. Ted Snell, 2019, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery & Fremantle Press).

I was thrilled and humbled that the 2019 survey exhibition, Nikulinsky Naturally (Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery) and the monograph of the same name were such great successes. As you may know, the book has since been republished by Fremantle Press.

Nikulinsky Naturally Landscope Magazine Covers

It was recently brought to my attention there was an oversight with the attribution of some artwork in the book. In the haste to get the book to press, an image of Landscope magazine covers was incorrectly fully attributed to me (p. 42), when in fact there were several artists who painted these covers including Gooitzen van der Meer, Ellen Hickman and Pat Dundas.

I would never knowingly take credit for another artists’ work and I apologise unreservedly for this error. Any future reprint of Nikulinsky Naturally will ensure the artists are appropriately credited.


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