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Memory Map
Memory Map
Memory Map

Memory Map

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"People and places remembered from a childhood lived on the Enterprise lease 1947-1959. The people scattered to the four winds. All the places swallowed by the Super-Pit

Each mining lease had staff houses provided by the company. Sometimes there were several houses 'village-like'. Occasionally the managers house only. 

During my childhood there wasn't a lot of staff changes. Some movement between leases or when because of an accident, the staff member died. The widow and family did not remain at the staff house.

All the houses had corrugated iron roofs. Some painted green - some rusty red. Most houses had a corrugated iron fence or a wire mesh fence with hedge. Inside the fences were gardens with lawn, fruit trees and sometimes vegetable patches. I don't remember there being a lack of water. On the Enterprise in our garden we had a large peach tree, a prolific fruiting fig tree and several nectarine trees. Like many people we also had chooks and John had pigeons. Everyone had a lemon tree and many gardens had grapes.

Each lease had an open backed truck with benches to take children to school.

As this is My Memory Map, I apologise for people I placed in wrong houses and also not remembering everyone."

Drawn with ink on Kozo paper, Philippa keeps Memory Map folded. It can be unfolded and smoothed out on a table when one needs to revisit this long-gone place. The original artwork is available.

Finished in December 2019

Sizes available

  • Mid: 76 x 55cm
  • Full: 102 x 73.5cm

Fine Art Reproduction

  • Printed with archival inks on high quality 330gsm fine art paper

Shipping Information

  • A3+ size shipped flat in a rigid folio via AusPost signature on delivery service.
  • Mid & Full size shipped rolled in a rigid tube via AusPost signature on delivery service.